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Stories related to Life Lessons, Nature, Parenting, Relationships, Spirituality, Creative Writing, and Art


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Fortune Cookies For Aspiring And Experienced…

Poetry Sunday

Open the door or windows,
and come in, my dear January.
I want to hear all about it;
your journey to this new year.
I have been sitting and waiting;
Oh! You have brought snow and know
to cover the sounds of distractions.
How you know me well by now.

I looked and looked for you
in the recordings of past fireworks,
where goals and resolutions shot
into the skies of a new beginning.
I touched and touched the aches
hoping to find love in the wounds
charred in the drag of sitting inside,
waiting for the healers to arrive.
I dreamt and dreamt of you
coming in the…

A poem for Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021

Every heart pray we the same:

I extinguish hurt in flame
and bloom love in my name
now and ever a vow in frame.

I aim.

Thank you Suntonu and Melissa for the “Holiday Greetings Card” prompt.

The illustration and poem are inspired by the tropical flame tree found in my native country Tanzania. December is the month that these trees are in full blossom, giving a Christmassy feel. The strong red flowers and green leaves are the perfect combination for a natural Christmas tree and it is dubbed ‘Christmas tree’ by Tanzanians. …

Paper Poetry Prompt#4

A heart not taken by love
is a road of possibilities.
This path of potentials
is where the soul walks
to converge with spirit.

Sometimes the emptiness
will seek the why to love.
Sometimes it will puddle
in a pond of hurtful past.
Sometimes dressed in care
blooms it to a wedding feast.

As you sit down weighed
in the journey of this life,
put away the bulldozers.
Fate is not on a clear path
so tell your potential heart,
“Walk where love lives or not.”

Thank you to Suntonu Bhadra for the fun space to contribute and Previous Prompt…

Poetry Sunday

Paper Poetry Prompt#2

From abroad where a green tale
of leprechauns and a pot of gold,
a letter was written in neat scribble
conveying homesick and longing for
the sun, mangoes, and bustling chaos.

Sent to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

The envelope pitied her and deviated:
bring back rays of sun from Tasmania,
stop for mangoes in Brunei Darussalam,
and give her the chaos of return to sender.

Author’s note:

This is a true story of what happened to a letter I sent to my native country Tanzania while residing in Ireland.

Thank you to Suntonu Bhadra for the fun space to…

Paper Poetry Prompt#2

The most interesting thing about a postage stamp is the persistence with which it sticks to its job — Napoleon Hill

adhesive paper
licked by mouth
of sender seeking confirmed

carries history
written on paper
through sender and carrier

is payment
of earthly words
not destined for heaven

Paper Poetry Prompt#2

Poem 1: Patience

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